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Brake Shoes

Remsa shoes range covers over 98% of the global park. Remsa still working to incorporate the new codes in the shortest time possible.

With a product range further 700 references, REMSA is fully prepared to satisfy the demand for brake shoes to fit European, American and Asian vehicles.

Brake Shoes

Product Marketing

Inkjet printing enables clear marking on the metal support of the product code, standardisation code ECE R-90 and traceability code.

  • Reference and Aplication
  • Traceability code
  • Bar code
  • Brand Name
  • Standardisation ECE R90
  • Diagram of part
  • Quantity inside

Varnished metal support

The REMSA shoe has a metal support which has been treated with high-resistance varnish which gives the part a very high level of rust protection.


Phenol adhesive

The use of a phenol adhesive allows the friction material to adapt perfectly to the metal support, thus giving much higher shear strenght values than those required by the European standards


Friction material

An organic mixture composed of new elements of the highest quality, without asbestos And without heavy metals, which is ideal to maintain a stable rate of friction, free of fading and noise.

REMSA brake shoe accessories

Remsa shoes are equipped with a wide variety of accessories such regulation kits, hand brake levers and all of those necessary hardware elements for a professional assemble.